The 2017 motorsport season begins in Bella Italia for Team “True Racing” from the province of Upper Austria. They go to the start of the 12-hour race of the “Creventic 24H Series” in Mugello on March 17-18, 2017 with their KTM X-BOW GT4. With this, the team celebrates a real premiere. The race will be the first time that the car with the start number 56 goes to the line fitted with the so-called "SPX" kit.

This new equipment means improved aerodynamics and better performance, as crew chief Jürgen Gumpinger explains: “We’ve decided to further develop the KTM X-BOW together with our partner Reiter Engineering. We want to get the very maximum out of the vehicle's basic concept – lowest possible vehicle weight for the highest possible performance weight – so we can be as near to the front as possible in the overall standings."

True Racing 12 Hmugello2017 01

Although, a start in the "GT3 class" A6 was not on the plan, according to driver Klaus Angerhofer: “There were not enough competitors in our SPX class, so we were forced to move up to the highest class. That wasn't what we really wanted, but we accept the challenge. Naturally, when it comes to an endurance race, it's really all about getting to the finish, but we want to get the best possible result in the overall standings, even hopefully a top 10 finish. Our test at the Red Bull Ring was promising. We're in the middle of the development, but the car is already quite fast."

There is some very blue ribbon support in Mugello for the two amateurs in the team. The world's two fastest KTM X-BOW drivers: Reinhard Kofler, KTM X-BOW test and development driver, and Reiter Engineering test driver Tomas Enge will join them behind the wheel of the "True Racing" team's racing car. It is also fitted with power steering for the first time. KTM CSO Hubert Trunkenpolz, who will also be in Mugello as a driver, already has his eye on the next race. "We see Mugello as preparation for our first big ‘home race' at the Red Bull Ring (Austria) at the beginning of April, where we will also compete in the 12-hour race of the Creventic 24Hseries. That’s going to be the absolute highlight of the season for us – and a world premiere. It's going to be the first time that an Austrian team goes to the start with an Austrian car and Austrian drivers on an Austrian track. But for now we're concentrating on Mugello, and I'm very excited about that."