Already the qualifying for the 12-hour race in Mugello, the second round of the “24-H Series” brought surprises for Team “True Racing” from the province of Upper Austria. And this, even though just a few days before the race the team was involuntarily “promoted” from the SPX Class to the A6 Pro Class. Event organizers put the team in this elite class because there were insufficient registrations for the one they had initially selected. For KTM test and development driver Reini Kofler from Upper Austria, this was no problem. He laid down a blistering lap time of 1:52.256 on the Italian circuit, the tenth best overall time in qualifying.

With this, the team started in the midst of the GT3-Elite in the two-part endurance race. After an initial four hours on Friday, the program saw the race continue for a further eight hours at full throttle on Saturday. All four drivers – Hubert Trunkenpolz, Klaus Angerhofer, Reinhard Kofler and Tomas Enge – delivered absolute faultless, sensational performances. On Friday the team finished 17th overall and succeeded in finishing in front of some higher performance GT3 and cup vehicles. Things went even better on Saturday when Klaus Angerhofer held his nerve during a very hectic start phase, as did all his team members later on, who all had to fight hard in the race characterized by numerous accidents.

Team True Racing Mugello 2017 03

The KTM X-BOW GT4, which is still in the development phase for the SPX class, ran like clockwork and Reinhard Kofler, with a lap time of 1:52.964 was not significantly slower than most of the GT3 vehicles. Then, one and a half hours before the end of the race, the car exited the race without any warning when Tomas Enge was at the wheel and set to seal a top ten finish. The oil pressure dropped, the engine came to a halt and despite the best efforts, it was the end of the race for the team.

When it came to the team’s disappointment, KTM Board Member Hubert Trunkenpolz got right to the point, but also made a promise: "The team worked extremely hard here in Mugello, and if we had been able to complete this sensational result, it would have been well deserved. We have to accept that we are still in the development stage of the SPX car. We set great store on the development under racing conditions, so something like this can unfortunately happen. Because of this, we shouldn't hang our heads, especially as the real potential of the car was already very discernable here. For us it’s going to be 'full throttle' at our home event, the 12-hour race at Austria's Red Bull Ring at the beginning of April."