An Austrian car, an Austrian team, a pair of Austrian drivers and all that on Austria’s Red Bull Ring – and at the end of the race with an eighth place overall and fifth place in the A6-AM ranking. It was a sensational result for the True Racing Team. But on the way to this great result, the driver trio Hubert Trunkenpolz, Klaus Angerhofer and Reinhard Kofler had a couple of scary moments. Among others, the load on the brakes was brutal, and it was this that knocked out even some of the GT3 teams. The brake disks also had to be changed on the KTM X-BOW GT4 with the SPX Kit, and furthermore, Hubert Trunkenpolz was brutally forced into a spin and onto the runoff area by one of the other competitors, which cost the team some laps.

But the three drivers delivered an almost perfect performance behind the wheel and they likewise got the maximum out of the car. It was this that led to the top ten result that they had hoped and had even dreamed about. The team finished in front of no less than seven GT3 teams, and they were jubilant at the finish line. "We worked long and hard for this result, and I'm really pleased for the team," commented KTM CSO Hubert Trunkenpolz, who was generous in his praise for the team’s collective efforts. “My special thanks go to the mechanics and the engineers who all delivered an extraordinary performance today.” Teammate Angerhofer: "The guys were just great, and the tactics were also perfect. We were even able to save some fuel and cruise our way to the finish line. It was a hard race, so this terrific success is even nicer.” Even KTM factory driver Reinhard Kofler was visibly moved at the finish line. “It was a long way for us to get to this position. We always knew what the X-BOW GT4 is capable of and today we could prove it. At times we were even a match for the GT3 cars, so it feels like a victory, and we're excited about the next challenges."

True Racing News True Racing Beendet Das 12 Stunden Rennen In Den Top Ten 3

But among the many smiles for True Racing, they also had to swallow some disappointment. The team’s second car with number 46, which earned a brilliant pole position in the SP2 class, was forced to retire early after a collision with another vehicle through no fault of their own as their first driver, Ferdinand Stuck, reported. "One of the other cars ran into us on the left rear, and this damaged the drive shaft. When this broke, the engine blew up, and that was the end of the race for us. It was a chain of unfortunate circumstances, but I'm sure that my brother Johannes and Gerald Kiska will start again soon with fresh motivation and much more luck.”

Final Result 12-Hour Race Red Bull Ring

  1. Herberth Motorsport, Porsche 991 GT3 R, A6-Pro, 415 laps
  2. GRT Grasser Racing Team, Lamborghini Huracán GT3, A6-Am, + 5 laps
  3. GP Extreme, Renault RS01 FGT3, A6-Am, + 6
  4. Hofor-Racing, Mercedes AMG GT3, A6-Am, + 7
  5. Forch Racing powered by Olimp, Porsche 991 GT3 R, A6-Pro, + 9
  6. Car Collection Motorsport, Audi R8 LMS, A6-Am, + 9
  7. SPS automotive performance, Mercedes AMG GT3, A6-Pro, +15
  8. True-Racing, KTM X-BOW GT4, A6-Am, + 21
  9. Forch Racing powered by Olimp, Porsche 991 Cup, + 24
  10. PROsport Performance, Porsche 991 Cup, + 25